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Are you tired of "impossible games" That are just really really difficult but still winnable? Do you want a true "impossible game" that just can't be beaten? Well, "The Unbeatable Game" is the game for you! No matter how hard you try, no matter how much you struggle, you just won't be able to beat it. But who knows? Maybe this game is beatable after all, and if you recoded it and posted it on a website, you could become


So what are you waiting for? Go and show the internet your video game skills and BECOME FAMOUS! Or just waste your time and rage quit.

Can YOU beat "The Unbeatable Game"?


Change log:

  • Made the game 50% more Unbeatable.
  • Changed the texture on some objects. The ball is now bright red instead of bleak white, and the squares have a grassy and a cliff- like look.
  • The squares themselves are more aligned.
  • The ball's jump distance is reduced.
  • Moved some text.

Having trouble? Read the official "Walkthrough"!http://demianlaugsch.blogspot.gr/p/the-unbeatable-...